How Housing Societies Can Fight Coronavirus

How Housing Societies Can Fight Coronavirus

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09 - September - 2020

With the COVID pandemic spreading its reach every day, it’s important to be organized and prepared than to panic. The exponential growth in the number of outbreaks has forced governments across the world to enforce lockdowns so that the intensity of the spread can be contained. All social-gathering places like schools, gyms, swimming pools, movie halls, restaurants, parks, etc. have been shut down. Offices have started experimenting with work-from-home routines as well.

In such a time, when people are confined indoors, housing societies and apartment complexes also have to follow certain rules to ensure resident safety. Families with kids and older parents are entitled to have their peace of mind knowing they are residing in a safe society. So not just government and medical officials, housing societies too must insist on laying down strict measures and be aware of proper protocols to be followed in case of cases in the society.

Here’s a guide for housing societies to help ensure proper safety in these uncertain times.

  • Code of conduct in society premises

    • Avoid assembly in large groups and postpone any planned celebrations
    • Engage kids to follow proper hygiene and sanitation measures
    • Make provisions for sanitization like hand wash available in the premises
    • Ask local authorities for fumigation and disinfection
    • Ensure that sanitation workers use proper safety gear
    • Share dos and don’ts in society premises through pamphlets or notices
    • Ensure frequent society sanitization of all common areas
  • Tips to use common utilities

    • All shared spaces should be closed temporarily
    • Social distancing should be maintained while using open spaces
    • Common taps, public washrooms, etc. should be avoided as much as possible
    • Proper sanitization should be followed while using building lifts
    • Reception areas or lounges should be used only if necessary
    • Medical wastes from an infected person should not be dumped in open garbage areas
    • Proper sanitization methods should be implemented for commonly used society areas
  • Advice for dealing with infected residents

    • Do not ostracize or insult an affected family in any way
    • Help them out by providing medical supply at their doorstep
    • Keep in touch with the family through phone or video calls
    • Respect their need for privacy

All housing societies must step up and be proactive in times like these. Apart from implementing all essential safety measures, they must also encourage residents to self-report and facilitate tests, isolation and quarantine of infected person/s. They must also perform a risk assessment to prevent further spread in the society. If the residential complex is in a containment zone, the housing authorities must cooperate and follow government guidelines.

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How Housing Societies Can Fight Coronavirus

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