Vastu Tips To Spread Positivity At Home

5 Vastu Tips To Spread Positivity At Home

10 - August - 2020

We all desire our abode to be driven with positivity. We create numerous impressions on ourselves, and at the end of the day, we enter our homes with all that burden, and some of them can be negative. That is when Vastu tips come handy. The homes at Rama Metro Life, in Tathawade, are Vastu compliant. In fact, Vastu aspects are taken care of at almost every Rama Group project.

With the healing art of Vastu, we can keep positive energy at home intact and let your abode breathe positivity. As each home has its fragrance, similarly, every home has its energy, and it can be felt by whoever comes to your house.

Here’s sharing 5 Vastu tips for homes to boost positive energy in your little world.

  1. Start With The Entrance

    Start With The Entrance

    When we come back to our homes, we bring along other energies with us. That is the reason we have to take special care of how our entrance is operating. A door opening outwards will take the negativity away from home. Also, make sure the door opens in a clockwise direction. Take good care of the lobby at the entrance. Always have good lighting in the area as it energizes positive vibrations and brings balance in the home.

  2. Who Is Ready For Decluttering?

    Who Is Ready For Decluttering?

    When you decide to clean out spaces and declutter the unnecessary things, you make space for positive energy. It is important to get rid of chipped or cracked material that has been lying in and around the house. Keep your walls and closets free from cobwebs. Whenever you mop the floor, put some sea-salt in the water to eradicate the negative energies.

  3. Choose Colours Wisely

    Choose Colours Wisely

    Colours make a huge difference to the energies that enter or stay in your house. The trick is to give your home a soothing look, and light colours will do the needful. Lighter tones will bring in relaxed energy in your home.

    Pro tip: If complete white gives a monotonous look to your home, you can choose the lighter shade of the rainbow.

  4. Mirrors On The Walls

    Mirrors On The Walls

    Reflecting positive energy increases vibrations in the home. So, it is suggested to decorate the home with mirrors. However, the strategic positioning of the mirror should also be considered while following this Vastu tip. Do not place the mirror towards the entrance or in front of the bed. If you cannot avoid the bedroom mirror, try to keep it adjacent to the bed and avoid the reflections.

  5. Let The Sun Shine In

    Let The Sun Shine In

    Another tip to attract positive energy at home is to let your home breathe air and soak in the sun. If there is sunshine entering your home, you will have access to Vitamin D, which will improve family members' health. It also mitigates stress and anxiety. Open your curtains or blinds in the morning to make your home full of sunshine!

We hope these pro tips will help you attract positivity in your homes. If you are looking for a Vastu compliant 2 BHK flat in Tathawade, which will keep you at the centre of all conveniences, then look no further than Rama Metro Life. It is one of the ongoing residential projects in Pune where you can live, work, shop, play and enjoy life as it was meant to be. With all the safety measures in place, you can visit the site by scheduling an appointment. A happier tomorrow awaits you at Rama Metro Life.

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